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The standard FabriPulse B unit contains filter bags which are 12 ft (3360mm) long. The size of the filter bags is indicated by the first two digits of the size designation in the table overleaf. The second part of the number indicates the number of bags. The unit can be modified to handle air volumes from 5000 to 150,000 m3/h and a wide range of filter media is allowing the unit to be adapted to various application requirements. As dust laden air enters the unit it is arrested on the surface of the filter bags. Clean, filtered air s led upwards through the bag and venturi into a clean air plenum. To ensure a reliable, sturdy construction, the filter bags are mounted over support cages.

Filter bag cleaning is accomplished by supplying bursts of compressed air via a header pipe into the venturis on the appropriate bag row. This sets up a shock wave, flexing the filter bag and dislodging the dust on the surface of the filter bag into a collection hopper. The cleaning cycle is controlled by a solid state timer.

Efficiency % 99.90
Media / Filter Area (sq. meters) 28 to 1115
Grain Loading / CF Up to 5
Hours of Operation 24/7
Material Characteristics Dry, Fibrous
Max Temperature 204° C
Media Type Spun Bonded Polyester, Olieophobic, Special, Polyester Felt, Polypropylene, Nomex, P84, Ryton, Telfaire, PTFE Membrane
Type of Collector Bag

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