The Millennium is a versatile, high-performance dust collector that has been designed to meet the needs of most industrial applications. The Millennium offers a flexible design that reduces freight and erection costs, fits tight quarters, and is easy to install and service. Available in two sizes, the self-cleaning modules can accomodate up to 144 fabric bags each, at bag lengths of 8, 10, 12, or 14 feet. Since the Millennium is modular in design, there is almost no limit to the size of the collector.

Common optional features available with the Millennium include pleated bags, pressure demand cleaning, NEMA 9 controls, explosion vents, inlet adaptor plates, a walk-in plenum, high temperature options, and various ancillary components.

Efficiency % 99.90
Grain Loading / CF 10+
Hours of Operation 24/7
Material Characteristics Dry, Fibrous
Max Temperature 260° C
Media Type Spun Bonded Polyester, Olieophobic, Special, Polyester Felt, Polypropylene, Nomex, P84, Ryton, Telfaire, PTFE Membrane
Type of Collector Bag

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