OptiFlo WFE 150 & WFE 300 Carbo

optiflo wfe

The AAF WFE 150 and WFE 300 Carbo Portable Weld Fume Extractors are self-contained, portable units that capture welding smoke and fume at the source. They are convenient and flexible solutions for multiple sources of weld fume/smoke and can be moved around your facility to suit the changing demands of your operation.

All units feature high efficiency cartridge filters and the ability to recycle cleaned air back into the plant. The activated carbon filters for gas adsorption and availability in one or two arm configurations are benefits of these units.

Capacities range from 700 CFM to 1530 CFM and come in 1.5 and 3.0 horsepower models as well as 120V single phase or 230/460V 3 phase versions.

Power 1.5 HP 3.0 HP
Voltage 120V 60 Hz 1 PH
230/460V 60 Hz 3 PH
120V 60 Hz 1 PH
230/460V 60 Hz 3 PH
RPM 3400 3400
Sound level 71 dB (A) 73 dB (A)
Capacity with one arm 882 cfm N/A
Capacity with two arms N/A 1529 cfm
Filtering area 168 Sq. ft. 236 Sq. ft.
Number of catridges 1 1
Spark arrester dimensions 28.5" x 19" x 1.6" 28.5" x 23" x 1.6"
Pre-filter dimensions 19" x 23" x 8.7" 23" x 23" 1.6"
Activated carbon filter 22 Lb. 29 Lb.
Filtering efficiency 99.9% 99.9%

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